The Independent has published an interesting article about ‘resilience’: you can read it here. The government has finally noticed the mental health crisis amongst school students, but its solution seems to be to teach children to be more ‘resilient’, rather than to stop the education policies that are causing the mental health policies. We would rather see prevention than cure!

Tell us your experience of stress in schools

Hey everyone!

TSOS as a campaign has a lot of demands for its goal, but as enough of you may think, it’s somewhat vague about most of them, but that’s because we want to collect demands from the public and those who’re experiencing stress in studying so that the campaign is built in the right way.

So, speaking for other school students and even ex-school students, how about you write an article or a couple of paragraphs or just simply a comment on this thread telling us your general experience of stress you’ve been facing in the school system, the effects/impacts of it and what could be done to change it.

You don’t have to tell us anything you don’t feel comfortable saying, just as enough as possible about the stresses you’ve faced.

We’d love to hear a lot from all of you, as not only can it help to rid education of its stressful elements but create a much better and broader alternative.

Email us for questions:

In solidarity, TSOS

New petition on mental health to sign and share

Hi everyone,

Just found a petition online called ‘We need an urgent inquiry into the mental health impact of the new GCSEs, SATs and the exam factory culture in schools’

Here’s the link to sign: .

Please please sign and share if you can. Education should set you up for life, not bring you down forever!!!

Strikes against academisation in Maze Hill

Hi everyone.

Just to let you all know, tomorrow until July 12, all at 7am, is a picket line at The John Roan NEU, Maze Hill, south-east London, against forced academisation. 5 more days of strike action planned to STOP the forced academisation and overturn the unfair OFSTED inspection of The John Roan School; the oldest school in the country, 1677, which is still comprehensive.

They are now beginning to gain the attention of national media, so an even bigger presence at the next strike would really make an impact. So, please please attend if you can and share it if you wish!!

Education is to be for the many, not for the few!!!

NHS demo tomorrow

Hi everyone,

Just to let you all know, tomorrow, at 12pm in Portland Place, central London, is the national demonstration marking the 70th anniversary of the National Health Service (NHS). The march will continue until Parliament Square, via Regent Street and Whitehall.

I – Joe Booth – and others, including Jon Ashworth are part of a deputation on it delivering a petition to Theresa May. The petition is here:

Please please, attend and share if you can. Tory attacks on the NHS are a damage to both our health and our lives!

Public meeting a week on Saturday

Hi everyone,

Just to let you all know, there is a public meeting on Saturday 7th July 2018 at 2pm until 5pm at Marcon Court Community Hall, Hackney Central. It is organised so we can all talk about how stressful education has become and the ways forward in campaigning. It’s a public event so everyone is welcome. But we don’t want the young people attending to be outnumbered by the adults coming, as it will be structured around a friendly and welcoming environment.

The Facebook event is here:

Please please attend if you can, and share it around social media and elsewhere.


In solidarity, Joe Booth,


Taking the Stress Out of SATs

Kids as young as ten are being stressed out by the pressure of SATs, the Standard Assessment Tests that feed the government obsession with scores and ranking, but do nothing to help our education. Year 6 – the final year of primary education – could be a time of positive learning and preparation for next steps, but instead has been made into a boot camp in test-passing.

With SATs making kids scared of failing, we are glad to see some schools making the effort to reassure their pupils that SATs do not determine who they are as a person.

We would like to see SATs scrapped altogether, but until they are, we are glad to see letters like this one, from West Park Academy in Darlington to its pupils.