Tell us your experience of stress in schools

Hey everyone!

TSOS as a campaign has a lot of demands for its goal, but as enough of you may think, it’s somewhat vague about most of them, but that’s because we want to collect demands from the public and those who’re experiencing stress in studying so that the campaign is built in the right way.

So, speaking for other school students and even ex-school students, how about you write an article or a couple of paragraphs or just simply a comment on this thread telling us your general experience of stress you’ve been facing in the school system, the effects/impacts of it and what could be done to change it.

You don’t have to tell us anything you don’t feel comfortable saying, just as enough as possible about the stresses you’ve faced.

We’d love to hear a lot from all of you, as not only can it help to rid education of its stressful elements but create a much better and broader alternative.

Email us for questions:

In solidarity, TSOS

2 thoughts on “Tell us your experience of stress in schools

  1. Hi I am an ex student at Mossbourne Community Academy and I experienced quite a lot of stress during my time in that hellhole.

    At a time in school, I was faced with a predicament left by a teacher which lead to me to become so stressed I almost lost my mind. There needs to be changes, ones that prevent us from being stressed to the point where we don’t do anything stupid like I did; this situation really escalated and Mossbourne needs to make adjustments in its system so students will never need to be stressed. I’m certain of the fact that I’m not even faced with the most stress too, and I’ve definitely been through a lot. We can’t let Mossbourne keep ruining our lives before we’ve had a chance to explore for ourselves in the future

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