Too much homework and not enough rest?!!!

13 Days of Christmas, 4 long homeworks, and rigid preparation for exams. Take The Stress Out Of Studying

My name’s Joe Booth. I’m a Yr11 student at Mossbourne Community Academy in Hackney, and I wanna start an expanded discussion on one collective pressure amongst students around me.

Now we have a tradition that in every holiday, esp Xmas, we need a break, and a rest. Well, I’ll say: At MCA, we never got one! We only had 13 days of Xmas, prior to longer summer holiday, and had at least 3 long homeworks to complete. So we never got a break. Already, at school, I see so many tired faces amongst students and staff (but mainly students) because only 2 days after partying until 6am, they’re back at school, overworked and got detentions for not completing or doing homeworks.

This simply cannot go on! How are you learning if your head hurts?! Already, I’ve spoken to at least 50/1000 students at school (I only know at least 80) and all of them are pissed off! We all want an education system where we’re not overworked, not exploited, not detained, and we get a proper rest!

But the movement at school is in jeopardy: managers confiscated the petition whilst I was petitioning in the playground, and all that’s left is for me and others is to put pressure on the school with 2000 against 100, for a more evident deputation to be held.

Please please share and join in this discussion. This is a real step-forward to taking the stress out of studying and specifically for longer breaks at school. If you’re one of these students or anyone (of any kind) in a similar situation please leave comments down below and we’ll have a large discussion and democratic conclusion.

In solidarity, Joe Booth

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